Let's start learning JAPANESE !!

2019/06/05 06:53:54

KOTONOHA is an online private class of Japanese.
!! We are open 24/7 !!
You can take a lesson anytime, from anywhere in the world if you have Skype.

Our course
・General Japanese / For beginner to advanced
・JLPT course / Try to N5 - N1
・Business Japanese / Including the introduction of Japanese culture for business.
・Short Course for Travelers / 5 day's intensive course for travel.
・Conversation course / From per intermediate level. For speak fluently.
・Support for working holiday / Advice on housing and moving. How to write CV.
・In addition, trial lessons and level checks are also available.
⇒ Price start from £10.

And you can create a perfect class for your specific requests and aims other than the above.
(For example 2 times per week, combination with different course, intensive course etc,.)
Teacher is native Japanese, also teaching experience in Japan and the UK.

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to learn with you!!


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